Buyer Agent Services


CJS represents the buyer’s best interests in the acquisition of a new or pre-owned aircraft. The announcement that a Fortune 500 company is seeking a particular aircraft can cause changes in the market overnight.  Sophisticated buyers can protect themselves by seeking professional assistance before committing to a multi-million dollar transaction which might have been a deal, YESTERDAY.  Be assured that we will present you the best aircraft on the market.  Additionally, our constant contact with decision makers and flight departments gain us the knowledge of aircraft that are for sale not on the open market, which could potentially be the missed opportunity by an unaided buyer.  Through multiple offers, you will know that CJS has assisted you in buying the aircraft at the best possible price.  The buyer benefits from our experience in purchasing the right aircraft at the right price

  • Analyze mission profile and identify appropriate aircraft
  • Provide model contracts, agreements, and escrow arrangements
  • Provide all required FAA documents
  • Coordinate and consult on inspections and demonstration flights
  • Provide list of the best suited aviation finance consultants
  • Assist as requested in the selection of options, interiors, floor plans and general outfitting of the aircraft

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