Purchasing a new aircraft from the factory is a very complex transaction including deposit and payment schedules, selection of optional equipment, and training provisions.  We will work closely with the decision makers and aviation departments through the entire process and obtain the optimum purchase price with the best terms and conditions.  We use the same philosophy and strategies as outlined in our Buyers Agent, presenting you with earlier aircraft positions or off market positions available, often viewed by the manufacturer as competition for their new sales.  The manufacturers would obviously prefer the buyer to remain unaware of these opportunities.   In many cases, these positions were ordered at significantly lower prices, ultimately allowing CJS to save you millions. 


  • CJS has assisted in the purchase of new aircraft from the factory for numerous Fortune 500 buyers
  • CJS offers discretion, confidence, and strong resources to the acquisitions process.
  • CJS has sold dozens of positions as well as new factory aircraft.
  • Prices, Terms, Training, Finance, Tax Considerations-CJS has the experience and resources to ensure the best professional services.


Engine Cockpit Aircraft